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Clock Repairs

Our team provide a full clock repair and restoration services for types of clocks. We are able to repair the movement, balance staff work, dials, cases and plating. We can also polish the clocks to restore them to their former beauty if needed.

In most cases, as well as providing a clock repair service, we are able to give you information about the origin of the piece, allowing you to further research its history.

We are able to offer an extremely high quality repair service thanks to our years of experience. We are part of the Watch Makers Guild. Due to this, we have worked on and repaired a vast range of clocks from all of the major manufacturers over the years.

An important part of any clock is the dial. Especially in older clocks these can deteriorate due to simple ageing or damage. Depending on the material, we are able to repair these with fine painting or polishing. Our aim is not always to restore the dial completely, making it look new, but often restoring the dial to ensure it is in keeping with the rest of the clock.

Whilst we work on your time piece, it is fully insured and all of our work is guaranteed.

Before starting the work, we will agree a repair price with you which we will stick to. If additional work is required then this will be agreed with you before we make any additional repairs.

Trade enquiries are welcomed.